Ted Nugent Says LeBron James Has No Soul And Claims He’s Taking Money From Satan

Rock veteran Ted Nugent recently made new allegations about the famous basketball player LeBron James during a recent Facebook Live stream claiming that he was paid by the Communist Chines Party, therefore, he supports the Devil and he doesn’t have a mind and soul.

As many of you might remember, Ted Nugent recently opened up about LeBron James’ controversial post on his official Twitter page in which he pointed to the police officer that shot the 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant and drew immense attention while James was criticizing the endless police brutality. After receiving countless hate messages, he deleted his tweet and shared another post stating that the main subject was how crooked the entire system is, however, his message used to spread more hate.

After seeing his posts, Ted Nugent criticized the legendary basketball player during a Facebook Live appearance and stated that LeBron James is a person who claims to hate white people, yet, works with China and take money from white people gladly as well as stressing his own fact that James could’ve saved thousands of Black children’s lives this year, however, preferred to stay silent and became somewhat responsible.

Here’s what Ted Nugent said:

“So, I could go on and comment about the Sodom and Gomorrah that we’re living in where a numb-nut like LeBron James could literally save thousands of Black children’s lives this year but instead, he’s partially responsible for it, for being such a numb-nut.

Here’s a guy that has incredible success, claims he hates white people but he’ll take all the money and then go work for China that still has slavery. I mean how do you explain the depth of stupidity of a guy like this. So LeBron James has an American battle-cry that says ‘go ahead stab each other.’ Wow, LeBron, we’re praying for you man.”

Apparently, Ted Nugent’s opinions weren’t limited to his previous live stream as he once again opened up about the matter during a recent Facebook Live session through which he was celebrating Memorial Day, however, it came down to LeBron James at some point as well as stating more controversial statements about George Floyd who was brutally murdered by an officer and became the face of the Black Lives Matter movement last year.

Nugent claimed that the Communist Chinese Party worships Satan and due to the fact that LeBron James received payment from that party, he asked the famous player why he took a payment from Satan. The answer is, according to Nugent, because he neither has mind nor soul. Furthermore, the rock legend stated that these are the truth and the truth, logic, common sense drives the Devil crazy, therefore, advised all his followers to bring up this subject to the authorities to stand up for law and order and to celebrate Memorial Day.

Here is what Nugent said during the Facebook Live:

“It’s a Chinese virus, they did in on purpose, it’s from China. The Communist Chinese Party is the party of Satan and LeBron James why would you support and take payment from Satan? We all know why ’cause he has no mind he has no soul. There are people who would throw me off for saying this because truth, logic, and common sense drives Satan berserk. So the remedy, raise hell, tell your mayor, your congressman, and your governor that defunding the police is what the rapists want, the murderers and the carjacker want to defund the police.

So anybody that recommends that is the literary complicit with the rapists and the murderers and the carjackers. Tell them that! Tell them your family demands law and order, we support law enforcement. Tell your mayor, your senator, your congressman, and your governor that we all know George Floyd was a curse on mankind. He was a thug, he was a liability to his mother, his neighborhood, his friends, his race, his community, his country. You don’t give him a hero’s send-off unless you support thugs and dope addicts.”

You can watch the Facebook Live stream from here.