Kelly Osbourne Is Surprised People Still ‘Give A S—t’ About What The Osbournes Say

Kelly Osbourne is happy about people’s reactions to the The Osbournes podcast.

During a recent exclusive chat with People, Kelly talked about how it feels to share their lives with the fans:

“I think it’s been really amazing because I forget that people actually give a sh*t about anything that we say. And when we are together, we are just trying to be ourselves and family and let people in on our unique little world.”

They Don’t Want To Have Guests On The Show

Osbourne also said it is freeing that they can be themselves during the episodes. The family wants to make content that their audience enjoys as Kelly continued:

“Originally we were going to have guests on the podcast, and we realized that that’s not what people wanted and just kept it just with the family.”

Does Kelly Regret Doing ‘The Osbournes’?

In an interview with TODAY last year, Kelly shared how it was for her when ‘The Osbournes’ first started as a reality television program:

“It was really hard. None of us in our wildest dreams could have thought that it would turn into what it did. I was so insecure but at the same time thought I knew everything but I really didn’t. I knew nothing, I know that now. You know when you’re going through your fugly stage in life and you’re just awkward, I got to do that in front of everyone and got judged for it.”

She also said she didn’t regret doing it:

“No. I think that your mistakes could become your biggest victories if you learn from them. I like to think that I now have learnt from my mistakes.”

Previously, Ozzy Osbourne revealed he didn’t regret doing ‘The Osbournes,’ too but he didn’t fully know what he was getting into. It was real, not scripted, but by the third year, everyone decided to stop. The kids were struggling with drugs and alcohol, and Ozzy had resumed drinking. Having cameras around all the time was overwhelming.