Slipknot Announces New Drummer: Jay Weinberg Sends A Subtle Message

Jay Weinberg shared a post on Instagram right after Slipknot announced Eloy Casagrande as their new drummer.

Slipknot shared a photo of Casagrande with his new mask and wrote:

“Slipknot officially welcomes Eloy Casagrande.”

What Did Weinberg Say In His Post?

The band previously confirmed his identity by tagging the musician in the group photo they posted on April 30. Weinberg also posted on his Instagram nearly two hours after Slipknot officially welcomed Casagrande. The musician shared some photos from his shows with Infectious Grooves and wrote in the caption:

“Yes indeed, NorCal! What an incredible (yet bittersweet) finale to this unbelievable Infectious Grooves run that I feel so fortunate to have been a part of. Such an amazing band and crew who have been so kind and welcoming — this will absolutely go down as an all-time favorite tour.”

Jay continued, talking about his surgery for a torn labrum and femoral adjustment:

“When Mike [Muir] originally hit me up to play these shows, I was still on crutches and not 100% sure if I’d be able to play drums by mid-March. Still, I knew I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to play with some of my favorite musicians, in a specific style of heavy music that — having never played in a funk band before — I knew had subtle nuances that would feel new, challenging, and exciting.”

How Did The Fans React To His Post?

In the comment section of Weinberg’s post, his fans supported the drummer with encouraging words. One person said:

“Glad to see you so much happier away from everyone else that is miserable in Slipknot.”

Another one wrote:

“Jay doesn’t need a mask to shine like a star.”

One other fan also showed their support for Jay, noting:

“Absolutely killing it!! Seem to be much happier and enjoying yourself now that you’re with company that values your skill!”

The drummer joined Infectious Grooves in January and posted from his rehearsals with the band the next month and wrote on Instagram:

“SO stoked with our first Infectious Grooves rehearsals as we prepare for these upcoming shows! Here’s a look at one of our first times jamming ‘Frustrated Again’ — tune in at 8 PM EST via the link in my bio to see the full video! It’s seriously an honor and a total joy playing these songs with shredders of this caliber. Can’t wait to rip it up in Orange County and all over Australia next month! Who’s gonna be there?”

Slipknot performed their first big show with Eloy on April 27 at the Sick New World festival. Some fans shared their thoughts on the drummer’s performance with the group on Reddit. Fans usually commented that Casagrande was a better fit than Weinberg for Slipknot.

Below, you can see the photos Slipknot and Weinberg shared.

Photo Credit: Slipknot – Instagram

Photo Credit: Jay Weinberg – Instagram