Wolfgang Van Halen Announces An Upcoming Live Appearance Of Mammoth WVH

Wolfgang Van Halen has recenlty posted a tweet on Twitter to share the details of his band Mammoth WVH‘s debut live appeareance on Jimmy Kimmel Live show which will be aired on February 11, 2021.

As you may know, the late guitar legend Eddie Van Halen‘s son Wolfgang has been working on his solo album for a while now. After losing his father almost three months ago, Wolf released the first single titled ‘Distance‘ from his highly-anticipated album to honor his beloved father.

Wolf’s latest release achieved critical acclaim but most importantly touched Van Halen fans deeply with his reference to his father with his lyrics. Also, the music video of ‘Distance’ displayed never-before-seen footage of Eddie playing with his little son and teaching him how to play guitar.

Recently on Twitter, Wolfgang shared a tweet to give an exciting news for his fans who have been looking forward to watch Mammoth WVH live for a long time. In his tweet, Wolf announced that he and his band will be guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live show on February 11th. The latest announcement about Mammoth WVH’s late night television debut made the his thrilled since it will be the next best thing until doing live shows will be possible again.

Here is how Wolfgang Van Halen announced the live appareance of Mammoth WVH:

“See you soon!! 2/11/21 – Jimmy Kimmel Live #DistanceLate night television debut – Check local listings”

You can see the tweet Wolfgang Van Halen posted on his Twitter account below.