Sammy Hagar Says He’s Horrible Businessman Despite His $150 Million Fortune

Sammy Hagar made an appearance on Lipps Service with Scott Lipps and claimed that he is a horrible businessman even though he is known for his successful business ventures that brought him an insane net worth of $150 million along with his praiseworthy music career.

As you know, Sammy Hagar is a talented musician known for his musical career with Van Halen and his band The Circle. However, the Red Rocker is also an entrepreneur who proved he can succeed in other fields than music.

As a businessman, Hagar owns a tequila brand and a restaurant chain named Cabo Wabo. His restaurant chain has several branches in LA, Hollywood, and Mexico. The musician also celebrates his birthdays in his restaurants with an event called ‘Birthday Bash.’

During an interview with Lipps Service with Scott Lipps, Hagar said he is a horrible businessman. He then noted that his work ethic is not to stop until he succeeds. Although Sammy is a successful entrepreneur, it seems like the musician is greedy for success. Considering the insane fortune of Hagar which he earned by his successful career in music as well as other business ventures, his recent remarks on being an ambitious businessman wouldn’t be surprising for his fans.

Sammy Hagar told Lipps Service with Scott Lipps that:

“I’m a horrible businessman. I have good ideas, and my work ethic is like ‘You cannot stop me. I will not give up until I win, and I’m lucky.'”

Apart from owning a restaurant chain, Hagar also founded Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum and recently launched Sammy’s Beach Bar Cocktail Co. with a rooftop concert. Although the musician considers himself a horrible businessman, what he has achieved in the business world says otherwise.