Mick Mars’ Heavy Solo Album Will Blow Some People Away, According To Paul Taylor

Winger keyboardist and guitarist Paul Taylor recently joined Sonic Dorms for an interview and revealed that Mick Mars‘ upcoming solo album would be heavy and blow the fans away.

On December 31, 2015, Mötley Crüe gave a performance supposed to be their last. The same year, Mick Mars announced working on a new solo album with former Mötley Crüe vocalist John Corabi. In 2016, he shared snippets of ‘Gimme Blood’ and ‘Shake The Cage,’ the songs featuring Corabi’s collaboration.

Although Mick Mars announced working on this new solo record six years ago, he didn’t release any new material related to the album. In December 2021, John Corabi revealed his thoughts on Mars’ upcoming record and said he isn’t sure whether Mars will be using the songs they worked on in the album.

Some of the early recording sessions of Mars’ upcoming album featured retired producer Michael Wagener’s contributions. Moreover, Jacob Bunton is the lead singer on the record, and he revealed two years ago to AL.com that they had almost finished the recordings of the album, and it will satisfy the fans’ expectations.

In a recent interview with Sonic Dorms, Paul Taylor of Winger revealed that he wrote most of the album with Mars and Bunton. He then said he expects Mars’ record will be released towards the end of the year. Praising Mars’ talent, Taylor said that the upcoming album would be heavy and versatile and blow some people away.

During the conversation, Paul Taylor said the following:

“I wrote most of the record with Mick and Alabama musician Jacob Bunton, who sang with Steve Adler. Jacob and I have written a lot of stuff for TV together. I’m excited to have that come out, and that, I think, is going to be towards the end of the year.

He then continued, praising Mick Mars’ talent:

“Mick is so awesome, and just the endlessly cool things he comes up with and the palette of sounds. There are days I go, ‘Is that guitar? Is that you doing all that?’ It’s been really fun. I’m very excited about that. I worked with Mars and Bunton on Mick’s solo album for a good year and a half.

And Mick doesn’t want me to say too much about it. But he said it’s okay to say it’s a heavy record. It’s definitely heavy and versatile. I feel really lucky that I got to sit and work with him and turn these things into songs. I think it’s going to blow some people away. It’s really cool.”

You can watch the interview below.