The Truth About Kings Of Leon

Kings of Leon is a Southern rock band whose music is closer to indie-rock roots than its mainstream Southern contemporaries. The band consists of members of the Followill family. Three brothers; singer Caleb, bassist Jared, drummer Nathan, and their cousin and guitarist Matthew. The boys grew up with close family ties, which also inspired the group’s name. The name drew direct inspiration from their paternal grandfather named, Leon.

The band has received a fair amount of critical acclaim for their records throughout their career. Kings of Leon even earned the respect of the Recording Academy in the form of Grammy nominations in 2008. They have released eight studio albums and won 4 Grammys out of 12 nominations they’ve had over the years. Today, we’ll be breaking down the timeline of their career.

Kings Of Leon’s Formation Years 

Formed in Tennessee in 1999, the band released their first EP, ‘Holy Roller Novocaine,’ which began to develop the group’s sonic capabilities in their early years. The EP even included a few songs that would reappear on the band’s feature-length debut album, ‘Youth & Young Manhood.’ Kings of Leon has had more commercial success in Europe than in the US. They had nine Top 40 singles and two BRIT Awards in 2008, and the group’s three albums topped the UK Albums Chart.

The following releases lived up to the expectations, and the band achieved chart success in the US with their fourth studio album ‘Only by the Night.’ The most popular single, ‘Sex on Fire,’ from the album, has spent 90 weeks on the official UK Top 75 chart and is the third-longest runner of all time in the history of the UK Top 75 chart.

Kings Of Leon’s Recent Works 

The band released their eighth album titled ‘When You See Yourself‘ last March. What sets this album apart from any other Grammy-winning, nominated, or chart-topping album is the band’s mid-life peace and wisdom. The band previously released an album almost every year and hit the road, which soon came to a standstill due to the pandemic.

This unique period when the world closed due to Covid and everyone had to stay home to build a new normal was difficult for the group as they were not used to staying at home for long periods. They have experienced the ups and downs of the music industry, so they have a better understanding of where they stand as a group.