Jay Weinberg Reveals Health Struggle After Slipknot Departure

After recently leaving Slipknot, Jay Weinberg opened up about health issues in a new Instagram post he shared on his official account.

The drummer shared a few photos of himself with crutches and in the hospital and wrote:

“This Tuesday, after three years of careful planning, I underwent an outpatient procedure to repair the torn labrum of my left hip and shave down a misshapen part of my femur — a condition that never impacted my drumming in any way, but I’ve wanted to take care of during downtime from my recording and touring schedule.”

Details About The Procedure Weinberg Underwent

He then said that he waited for a good time in his schedule for the surgery, explaining:

“Since 2020, my priority has been for my playing to go uninterrupted until a window in the schedule would allow me to complete an expected recovery of about four months. In May, that schedule started to show that this window would be now.”

Jay’s Message Of Resilience And Hope

In the later part of his message, Weinberg noted that he and his doctors expect him to be ready to perform again by April. He kept this news private. Part of his motivation to create his MixWave instrument was knowing he couldn’t play drums for a few months. This way, he could still work with music until he’s back to drumming. Jay continued his statement:

“Though my commitment to healing remains the same, I’ll be disappointed to not see all of you in Vegas as planned. Perhaps some of you are facing your own challenges — we all do. No matter how down-and-out you might feel, there are reasons to be hopeful and to keep an actively positive mindset. Have your own back. Surround yourself with positive people. Focus on what gives your life meaning and purpose.”

The musician then said that he spent a day in an area of New York City that initially inspired him to choose a creative career path. Weinberg concluded his message with the following words:

“I believe I’ve always shot from the hip (lol) with you. No reason to change that now. I look forward to sharing my journey with you and keeping you up-to-date in my adventure back to 100%. Thanks to my awesome team of doctors, I’m already on the path back to what I love doing the most! The path forward through this recovery will be a challenge, but it’s one I’m up for.”

The Drummer’s Response To Slipknot’s Offical Announcement

Slipknot announced on their official website in early November that they had separated from Weinberg because of creative disagreements. Following the news, the drummer shared a statement and disclosed that he was heartbroken and blindsided after hearing about the departure. He then expressed:

“This is not the ending to the journey I’d dreamt of and committed myself to seeing through — not by a long shot. But, despite the confusion and sadness, there is something that’s provided an equal amount of comfort. For many of you reading this: 10 years ago, we weren’t yet acquainted. And now, we are. For that, I’m thankful in ways I’ll never be able to fully express.”

Slipknot faced backlash from fans and the public after parting ways with Jay. Sister Shotgun vocalist Chloe Ozwell spoke about this on the Let’s Get Heavy Podcast, agreeing with the host’s view that Slipknot has transitioned from just being a metal band to more of a commercial enterprise. She compared Slipknot to KISS, suggesting they are building a similar business empire.

Below, you can see the photos Weinberg shared on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Jay Weinberg – Instagram