Eddie Van Halen’s Complaint About Sammy Hagar’s Lyrics, Collective Soul’s Will Turpin Recalls

Collective Soul bassist Will Turpin recently appeared as a guest on the Mitch Lafon and Jeremy White Show and remembered Eddie Van Halen‘s critique of Sammy Hagar related to one of the Van Halen songs.

Van Halen’s tenth album, ‘Balance,’ featuring Sammy Hagar as the band’s lead singer for the last time, arrived on January 24, 1995. Although the album was a huge commercial success, reaching number 1 on the U.S. Billboard charts, internal disputes gradually started coming to light. The creative differences between Hagar and the rest of the band were increasing.

In fact, Hagar’s lyrics for the song ‘Amsterdam‘ were at the top of the list. The band’s iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen didn’t hesitate to express his discontent over the song’s chorus, uncovering the disagreement between the two. The band embarked on the Balance Tour to support their new album, and Collective Soul was one of the opening bands. In a recent interview, the band’s bassist Will Turpin recalled a conversation he had with Eddie over the album.

They were talking to Eddie Van Halen about the songs they liked on the ‘Balance’ album. Then, they said they really enjoyed listening to ‘Amsterdam.’ Upon hearing that, Eddie said he also liked the music of that track, but he hated the chorus part, ‘Wham bam, oh, Amsterdam,’ because it sounded like nonsense to him. Turpin avoided making any comments, but he noticed that something was going on between Eddie and Hagar, even though they seemed to get along well during the tour.

Will Turpin speaking on Eddie’s complaint about Sammy Hagar:

“I remember Ed and I were talking to Eddie. We were telling him about the songs that we liked on the band’s ‘Balance’ record. We were like, ‘Man, ‘Amsterdam,’ what a rock song.’ It wasn’t because they weren’t getting along. They did get along that whole tour, but he was like, ‘Yeah, I love that riff and the whole music part, but then chorus, ‘Wham bam, oh, Amsterdam,’ what does that mean?‘ And I’m like, ‘Uh-oh. Is he asking me to pick sides right now?’ I didn’t even comment. I was like, ‘Yeah, I guess.'”

Below, you can watch the full interview and listen to the song ‘Amsterdam.’