Wolf Van Halen Shares The Most Important Lesson Eddie Van Halen Taught Him

Wolfgang Van Halen recently attended an interview with his touring mate Marc LaBelle. In the interview, he revealed an important lesson taught by his father aside from music.

Wolf Van Halen is one of the strongest names in the up and new coming rock bands of the decade. Starting his career with Van Halen, the multi-instrumentalist quickly rose to fame even after the disbandment of VH and focused on Mammoth WVH. Currently, Mammoth WVH is preparing to go on tour with Dirty Honey. Their excitement was apparent in previous interviews, and the musicians were determined to prove to the world that rock is not dead.

Even though Wolfgang had quite a hard time disassociating his work with Van Halen, it still comes to him in the end. Wolfgang gave a lot of battles on Twitter with the Van Halen Fans who were trying so hard to make Wolfgang sing Van Halen in his shows to ‘honor‘ Eddie. Having another route for himself, Wolfgang refused to follow his father’s footsteps in this regard and fought his fans if necessary.

During a recent interview with ‘Audacy Check In,’ the interviewer asked Eddie’s most important advice aside from music. Wolfgang replied with a philosophical answer and stated that Eddie taught him to love those he trusts and keep them close. He also added that Eddie had a big heart, which he admired.

Here is what the interviewer asked:

“What’s the most important thing outside of music that your father taught you?”

Wolfgang replied:

“To keep the people you trust close to you and love them as hard as you can. Because he had the biggest heart, and so I’ve always admired that.

You can watch the interview below.