Billy Gibbons Is One Of The All-Time Great Guitarists, Frontmen, And Songwriters, Patrick Droney Says

Patrick Droney gave an interview to Ultimate Guitar in which he claimed that ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons is among the greatest guitarists, frontmen, and songwriters of all time.

Billy Gibbons is mainly known for being the guitarist and primary vocalist of the band ZZ Top. Formed in late 1969, ZZ Top quickly rose to prominence with Gibbons’ talented guitar playing and their harmonious live performances. Among others, their 1983 album ‘Eliminator’ and 1985’s ‘Afterburner’ brought the band international success with a more mainstream sound.

ZZ Top’s ninth studio album ‘Afterburner’ was also a financial success. Among the most successful hit singles from the album was ‘Sleeping Bag,’ which topped several charts. However, another song in the album called ‘Rough Boy’ was quite different from the other songs due to its slower tempo.

On May 21, the aspiring musician Patrick Droney released his album ‘State Of Heart,’ which featured a collaboration with Billy Gibbons for a remake of ‘Rough Boy.’ After the release, the Droney achieved remarkable success and released an extended version of the record on September 17.

According to the interview with Ultimate Guitar, working with Billy Gibbons was a dream for Patrick Droney. The musician stated in the conversation that he grew up listening to ‘Rough Boy’ and always dreamed of covering it. Saying that Billy Gibbons was quite into the idea, Droney revealed that he is one of the all-time greatest guitarists, frontmen, and songwriters for him.

In the interview by Ultimate Guitar, Patrick Droney talked about the cover of ‘Rough Boy’ as:

A real dream. Billy is one of the all-time great guitarists, frontmen, and songwriters. Derek Wells, a Nashville guitar staple himself, and I went to Billy with the idea, and he was all in. ‘Rough Boy’ was a song I grew up loving because of my Dad.

I always had a vision of covering it. It was important to honor Billy while bringing my own spin to it – in the end, I have a record singing and sharing solos with the man himself. Gratitude is immense.”

You can listen to Droney and Gibbons’ collaboration on the song ‘Rough Boy’ below.