Ted Nugent Announces The Release Date Of The First Single From His New Album, ‘Detroit Muscle’


Ted Nugent revealed the release date of his upcoming sixteenth solo studio album entitled ‘Detroit Muscle’ and the first single ‘Come And Take It’ during his recent live stream on Facebook.

As you probably know, Nugent’s fifteenth studio album, ‘The Music Made Me Do It,’ was released on November 9, 2018. The fans were so content with the musician’s work that they started to wonder about the next album’s details and asked Nugent about it during his live streams or other events.

In one of his previous live streams, Nugent had announced that his new album’s name is ‘Detroit Muscle,’ and it will consist of ten tracks such as ‘Driving Blind,’ ‘Alaska,’ and ‘Come And Take It.’ Later, he also shared a part of his new song ‘American Campfire.’

In addition to teasing a song from his new album, Nugent also unveiled that ‘Detroit Muscle’ will be released in the fall of 2021, and the album’s first track, ‘Come And Take It’ will be available in a few weeks. His fans got very excited after they heard these announcements about the upcoming album.

Nugent shared details about his new album, saying:

“So, Ted Nugent’s new record ‘Detroit Muscle’ will not be available until this fall. However, the first love song ‘Come And Take It,’ which is like a middle finger to the US government, will be available in the next few weeks.

I hope I’ll announce it here. Actually, I got some kind of techno apparatus to play the actual master version of that song, but I’ll only play pieces of it. Because I hope you buy my CD.”

After his announcement, Ted Nugent’s fans expressed their happiness and excitement about his upcoming solo studio album ‘Detroit Muscle’ and his new single during his live stream on Facebook.