Paramore’s Hayley Williams Criticizes Anti-Maskers From Her Hometown 

Hayley Williams recently posted a tweet on Twitter of an anti-mask protest in her hometown and criticized the actions of those people in the video.

Since the emergence of Covid, there has been a massive split in ideas and thoughts, which has confused the world. Some people thought that the restrictions were a violation of human rights, and others, who believed in science, stressed it was for their safety. Whether or not everyone should wear masks is one of those arguments that never seem to end.

Paramore’s Hayley Williams shared a video from her hometown showing an anti-mask protest that got violent because people started threatening others. In the video, an anti-masker told a pro-masker in his car, ‘we know who you are,’ and ‘we will find you.’

Williams angrily commented on this video, judged those people, and said their actions don’t correspond to their beliefs. The famous frontwoman noted that although they have learned to ‘submit to governing authorities established by God,’ they fail to practice what they preach in their everyday life, even though it is meant for people’s health.

This is what Williams commented:

“That is Williamson county, where I grew up. Super Christian, not super diverse. These folks will have definitely taught their children the bible verse that goes ‘everyone must submit to governing authorities… established by god,’ but then go do this shit & guy with mohawk is obviously a poser.”

Her comment ignited an argument about this subject on Twitter. A user replied to Williams’ tweet stating that she should respect freedom of speech and that people have the right to protest anything they disapprove. Although the user did not defend the threatening actions of those in the video, they claimed that pro-maskers have done worse before. After that comment, Williams didn’t stay silent, and she once again replied to the user in a sarcastic tone.

She stated:

“The other side… far worse…? Maybe you missed the MAGA insurrection at the top of the year. Many people from Williamson County were present at that far from peaceful protest. Including a pastor at a megachurch in town. This is more of the same. I’m observing the issue.”

Most of the replies on Twitter agreed with Williams’ opinion and supported her in the discussion. Many people stood by science and stated their shock about how people can still risk not wearing masks and get Covid after all of the deaths that have occurred.

You can see all the tweets below.