Johnny Rotten Says He Could Have Been ‘Joan Rotten’ By Misdiagnosis

In a new interview with The Guardian, Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten recalled an amusing story from his youth and said he could have been ‘Joan Rotten’ by misdiagnosis when he went to a doctor due to one of his nipples.

Although Sex Pistols released only one studio album, the band left an unforgettable mark on the music scene with their revolutionary ideas and angst-filled manner. The group rose to fame as cultural revolutionists, yet later on, Johnny Rotten became the contrary embodiment of what he defended in those years with his controversial political statements.

The singer surprised his fans by coming out as a supporter of former US President Donald Trump. His support surprised many because he had backed Democratic nominees Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton in past US elections. Rotten’s political views got primarily negative responses from his fans on social media.

In his recent interview, Johnny Rotten recalled an amusing story from his youth after talking about his ongoing endorsement of Trump. The singer said he has no problem with fighting for transgender rights, contrary to Trump, who attacked the community before.

Then, Rotten recalled going to the doctor to see if there was anything wrong with one of his nipples as it was swollen. He panicked, but the doctor comforted him. The rocker stated that he could have beenJoan Rotten‘ by misdiagnosis if he had run into the wrong doctor.

Here is how the singer revealed the fun story from his youth:

“I remember going to the doctor as a teenager because one of my nipples, the left one, was a bit swollen, and I panicked. I thought I was growing tits. And I think now how, in the hands of a wrong doctor, that might have changed my future. I could have been Joan Rotten by misdiagnosis!

Johnny Rotten has been currently hitting the road with his band Public Image Ltd. The band’s first UK tour in four years kicked off on June 6 and will end with their performance in Nottingham on June 23.