Slipknot Announce Jay Weinberg’s Split Due To ‘Creative’ Reasons

Slipknot announced with a statement on their official website that they parted ways with the drummer Jay Weinberg due to artistic differences.

The band wrote the following, thanking Weinberg for his contributions:

“We would like to thank Jay Weinberg for his dedication and passion over the past ten years. No one can ever replace Joey Jordison’s original sound, style, or energy, but Jay honored Joey’s parts and contributed to the last three albums, and we, the band, and the fans appreciate it.”

The Motive For Weinberg’s Split

The statement continued, revealing the reason behind his departure:

“But as ever, Slipknot is intent on evolving. The band has decided to make a creative decision and to part ways with Jay. We wish Jay all the best and are very excited for what the future holds.”

Slipknot also shared the same message through their social media accounts but then deleted it. There has been no statement from the drummer related to the topic yet.

Jay’s Role Following Joey Jordison

Weinberg had joined the group in 2014 to replace their late founding drummer, Joey Jordison. Still, filling in the shoes of such a prominent figure was not easy for Jay, as he revealed in a June interview with Metal Hammer:

“I never felt overawed by the pressure to replace Joey. Up until that point, I had always come into existing projects, primarily as the drummer for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band; to me, that’s incredibly intimidating. I was playing to crowds of 80-90 thousand people in stadiums, and I had only been playing drums for three years!”

The drummer went on to explain his experience of performing with Slipknot:

“Having accomplished that, I had set myself up to be this guy who could jump in on a moving freight train, be it Madball or Against Me!. So, I put myself in that context, and I knew how to be myself; I knew how to find my own voice in another artist’s catalogue. But Slipknot was the biggest challenge. That took all my experience and turned the dials up to 20.”

Weinberg contributed his drumming skills to the band, playing on their 2014 release ‘.5: The Gray Chapter,’ the 2019 album ‘We Are Not Your Kind,’ and the recent ‘The End, So Far,’ which was released last year.