Jay Weinberg Thinks Slipknot Was His Biggest Challenge

Jay Weinberg, the drummer for Slipknot, recently revealed that among all the bands he has played, Slipknot was the biggest challenge for him.

During an interview with Louder Sound, Weinberg shared insights about his challenges and pressures when joining the band and replacing their former drummer, Joey Jordison. He said:

“I never felt overawed by the pressure to replace Joey. Up until that point, I had always come into existing projects, primarily as the drummer for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band; to me, that’s incredibly intimidating. I was playing to crowds of 80-90 thousand people in stadiums, and I had only been playing drums for three years!”

He continued:

“Having accomplished that, I had set myself up to be this guy who could jump in on a moving freight train, be it Madball or Against Me!. So, I put myself in that context, and I knew how to be myself, I knew how to find my own voice in another artist’s catalogue. But Slipknot was the biggest challenge. That took all my experience and turned the dials up to 20.”

Though, as he mentioned, adjusting to the band was challenging, the drummer made it clear in an earlier interview that it has been a continuous learning experience for him. He said the following:

“I haven’t been in this band as long as they have, so it was a lot of learning. And still, to this day, I approach this band with open eyes and open ears, ’cause I think every day, I’m learning more and more. And every day, I think, as an individual and perhaps as a collective, we get closer and closer to understanding the potential of what the band really has.”

Following Joey Jordison’s departure, Weinberg has been playing with the band for nine years. During this time, he has contributed to three of the band’s studio albums, the latest being ‘The End, So Far’. The drummer has also been regularly sharing his drum cam videos on Youtube. See the latest one below.