Tobi Bennington Shares A New Report To Show That Chester Didn’t Commit Suicide But He Was Murdered

Linkin Park’s late singer Chester Bennington‘s sister Tobi posted the picture of an investigative article about her brother’s death on Instagram and once again accused the authorities who mistreated Chester’s death by calling it a suicide even though it was clearly not according to his sister.

As you may remember, Linkin Park’s talented frontman Chester Bennington was found dead at his home in California on July 20, 2017. The cause of his death was later announced as suicide by hanging himself. His bandmates and fans around the world were devastated by the news of Chester’s tragic death.

However, Chester’s sudden death made his family question whether the police officers were right about calling it a suicide after a very ‘short investigation’ considering there were not many signs to prove that he was suicidal at that point in his life. His sister, Tobi Bennington, has been trying to draw attention to the different perspectives on the real story of her brother’s tragic death for the last three years.

Recently, Tobi Bennington posted a picture of Chester and urged her followers to take a look at the investigative article written by Cece Woods with the contributions of the Bennington family. In the caption of her post, Tobi accused the authorities by mentioning how repulsive that they mistreated her brother’s death. She also stated that even though the myth seems more important than the truth, she will continue trying to bring out the truth about Chester’s tragic death.

Here is what Tobi Bennington wrote in the caption of her post:

“This investigative report is too important to let it slip through the media cracks created by all the chaos we live in every day. Thank you, Cece Woods, for bringing these questions to light. It’s repulsive how my brother’s death was mistreated by the authorities!

I pray these unanswered questions will be challenged someday. I’ve tried and always met with resistance. It seems that myth is more important than the truth, whatever it may be. #TruthForChesterBennington #MakeChesterProud #TheTruthWillComeOut 💜”

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