Kim Thayil Picks The Soundgarden Songs That He Likes Listening To

Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil recently spoke about his band and favorite lesser-known songs from their repertoire. He analyzed the songs and gave the reader an idea of his music listening journey.

Kim Thayil has been the guitarist of Soundgarden since he founded it along with Chris Cornell and Hiro Yamamoto in 1984. They remained together as the original team until Cornell sadly passed away in 2017, and the band disbanded for good in 2018. With his success in Soundgarden, Thayil was selected as the 67th greatest guitarist of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.

The band’s catalog is filled with many hit songs that contributed to rock and roll history. Songs like ‘Jesus Christ Pose,’ ‘Outshined,’ and ‘Rusty Cage’ gave their album ‘Badmotorfinger’ a double-platinum. However, the band also has lesser-known songs showing the members’ musical talent and songwriting skills.

Thayil recently listed some of his favorite lesser-known songs and analyzed them. He stated that he listens to certain songs only with headphones on but he separates their songs into two categories; the ones he’d listen to while driving and the tunes he enjoys playing. He stated that ‘Slaves and Bulldozers,’ ‘Beyond the Wheel,’ and ‘Incessant Mace’ belong to the ‘enjoying to play’ category. Whereas he loves listening to others songs such as ‘Nothing to Say,’ ‘4th of July,’ ‘Limo Wreck,’ and ‘Tears to Forget.’

Here is how Thayil revealed his favorite songs:

“Well, there’s stuff I like to listen to with headphones on. There’s stuff I might like to listen to when driving. And then there’s something I might like actually playing. It’s always fun to play ‘Slaves and Bulldozers.’ It was fun to play something like ‘Beyond the Wheel’ or ‘Incessant Mace.’ As far as listening, I always loved the song ‘Nothing to Say’ off of ‘Screaming Life.’ And there are a few things on ‘Superunknown,’ like ‘4th of July’ and ‘Limo Wreck.’ I also really like the song ‘Tears to Forget,’ which is also on ‘Screaming Life,’ just for the way it’s constructed. It’s fun to play acoustic guitar, of all things. Although it’s a hardcore song, I wrote it on acoustic. And I like playing it by myself on acoustic.

Then as far as playing with the band, it was a lot of fun when we were doing that sort of loose and careening thing that I described seeing in Guns N’ Roses. So again, songs like ‘Slaves and Bulldozers’ and ‘Beyond the Wheel’ really allowed for the band to kind of explore that – the spontaneous elements and the wild elements.”

You can listen to the two songs he loved to play with his band below.