Steve Hackett Gives The Green Light To The Idea Of A Genesis Reunion


During a new interview with Financial Times, former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett shared his thoughts on a possible Genesis reunion by saying he is always open to the idea. Still, he is not sure about the others.

One of the pioneering acts of progressive rock, Genesis, ended their musical journey that lasted for over five decades with a final show in London on March 26, 2022, as part of their The Last Domino? Tour. While they were wrapping up the tour, Genesis fans argued that a proper farewell should’ve included the band’s original lead singer, Peter Gabriel, and Steve Hackett, who left the band in 1977.

Unfortunately, the reality didn’t align with fans’ expectations. While Gabriel was in the audience to see the band’s final show but didn’t perform, Hackett wasn’t there. Diehard Genesis fans still hope for a reunion tour with Gabriel and the guitarist, but it remains a remote possibility, at least for now. In an interview nearly five months ago, Steve Hackett said he always left the door open for a reunion, although he wasn’t a part of Genesis’ final show.

In a recent conversation, the guitarist confirmed his previous statement by saying that he’s always given the green light to the idea of a Genesis reunion tour. Hackett revealed that the remaining band members approached him for the last time in 2005. They said they wanted to tour ‘The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway’ with Gabriel and Hackett, which was never actualized due to Gabriel’s other commitments.

Steve Hackett highlighted that when they talked about those plans, he said he was ready for it. He told them to call him anytime they wanted him to be there to perform with them. The guitarist stated that he has always respected his former bandmates and their work together in Genesis. He said they already know he is open to the idea of a reunion due to his previous statements, but he is not sure whether the others are as willing as he is.

Steve Hackett speaking about a possible Genesis reunion:

“The last time the band approached me to do anything with Pete was in 2005. A limited number of dates were being discussed, and various other things were on the table. I said, ‘Sure, I’m up for it. Call me if and when you want me.’ And in the years since then, I’ve honored the work we did together. So I’m not going to lose any sleep waiting for that call. I’ve always given the idea of a reunion a green light, right? But the others are maybe stuck on amber.”

Even though Steve Hackett hasn’t recently performed with Genesis, he appeared at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony with the other members when they were inducted in 2010. The guitarist also showed up in the BBC documentary ‘Genesis: Together and Apart,’ which focused on the band’s history.