Travis Barker’s Daughter Alabama Teases Her New Rap Song

If you thought the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, think again! Alabama Barker, daughter of rockstar drummer Travis Barker, recently went live on TikTok to tease her new rap song, but instead of applause and admiration, she was met with a storm of backlash. So, what went down? Let’s get into it.

Although Alabama’s dad is none other than the iconic Travis Barker, drummer of Blink-182, she’s decided to carve her own path in the music industry. Instead of rocking out to the beat of her dad’s drum, this rebellious teenager is spitting rhymes and embracing the rap genre. Alabama has been in the spotlight since she was a little girl, thanks to her family’s reality shows like ‘Meet the Barkers’ and ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’ With a hefty social media following on Instagram and TikTok, it’s no surprise that she’s using these platforms to showcase her new music.

Alabama recently hopped on TikTok Live, looking a bit upset and not quite her usual bubbly self. She began teasing her new rap song, throwing up some classic rapper hand gestures as she previewed her work. But alas, things didn’t go quite as planned. During the live session, she rapped a few lines from her unreleased track, giving her followers a sneak peek into her creative process. However, instead of garnering excitement and anticipation, her performance was met with mixed reactions, setting the stage for the wave of backlash that would soon follow.

As the live comments started rolling in, it became clear that not everyone was vibing with Alabama’s new sound. The backlash was swift and brutal, with Twitter users joining the chorus of disapproval. Critics accused Alabama of cultural appropriation due to her white background, adding fuel to the fire. What’s interesting, though, is that white rappers like Jack Harlow and Eminem haven’t faced the same level of scrutiny.

Here is one tweet from a user:

“The Alabama Barker thing is just, I don’t know. Cause someone (preferably a parent) should’ve had the cultural appropriation talk with miss girl. It’s not cute lol.”

Another Twitter user said:

“You all hating on Alabama Barker for rapping yet stayed quiet when that ugly non-black guy said the ‘N word’ and [you] stayed quiet when white men [were] rapping and having a blaccent like Jack Harlow and Eminem, plus [there are] more white men rapping. Please sit down.”

While one of them wrote:

Alabama Barker is a teenager, and you all need to shut your old a*ses up about her. Like, why are you 35 dragging a 17-year-old?”

Despite the controversy, there were fans who stood by Alabama, defending her right to pursue her own musical path. Others felt it was ridiculous to hate on a 17-year-old girl for releasing music and exploring her creativity. The debate over nepotism may never end, but one thing’s for sure – Alabama Barker isn’t afraid to take risks, and we can’t wait to see where her musical journey leads her next.