Ted Nugent Says He Will Call Gene Simmons And ‘Try To Fix Him’


Ted Nugent posted a recent tweet to comment on his appearance on the Joe Pags Show. During that show, Nugent had stated that he would call Gene Simmons and try to fix him.

Gene Simmons is known as a relentless supporter of vaccinations against COVID-19. Moreover, he often uses social media to encourage his fans to follow government regulations and get vaccinated. On the other hand, Simmons had also made controversial statements when he supported the Israeli government for their decision to share the personal information of those who refuse to get vaccinated.

Considering Gene Simmons’ approach to vaccines, one can easily assume that anti-vaxxers don’t like the musician’s attitude. Some of his fans thought that this approach was against the rebellious nature of rock music, while others said they make rock and roll a sell-out. Although Simmons has received both shots and stated that he recovered from the virus quickly thanks to the vaccines, some claimed thathe is lying.

In a recent interview on Joe Pags Show, Ted Nugent talked about Gene Simmons’ thoughts on vaccinations. After stating that the bassist is a great person, he implied that he is lying and hiding that he is an anti-vaxxer. Following that, Nugent said he could not explain the reason for Simmons’ approach as he believes the KISS frontman speaks the truth most of the time. The musician then stated he was going to call Simmons and try to fix him.

In the interview on Joe Pags Show, Ted Nugent told Joe Pags:

“Joe, on an honest, intellectual level, I cannot explain it. I just know that I love Gene Simmons, and I’m going to call him and try to fix him.”

In a recent tweet, Ted Nugent mentioned this interview and said he responded to Simmons’ thoughts on the unvaccinated people. He then said he loves Simmons and praised the bassist by calling him a great man again. Moreover, Nugent commented on Simmons’ statements on those who refuse to get vaccinated. He said that the bassist’s words are far from the truth and logic.

Ted Nugent’s tweet read:

“Recently, on the Joe Pags Show, I respond to Gene Simmons’s comments on the unvaccinated. I love Gene, and he is a great man and rock-solid in the asset column, but those statements are not the truth, logic, and common sense.”

You can check out the tweet below.