Ted Nugent Accuses Gene Simmons For Being An Anti-Vaxxer

Rock veteran Ted Nugent reflected on KISS bassist Gene Simmons’ recent statements on people who aren’t vaccinated during an interview with Joe Pags Show. According to Nugent, if somebody is calling another person a child abuser, it’s most likely coming from a child abuser, which means Simmons must be an anti-vaxxer who’s hiding the truth.

For those of you who may not know, Gene Simmons has been one of the biggest supporters of the coronavirus vaccine since its discovery. The rocker has received two doses of the vaccine, and he also publicly stated that personal information of those who refuse to get vaccinated should be shared to warn people.

The KISS bassist’s opinions didn’t stop there as he’s pretty frustrated towards anti-vaxxers. He once called them nothing but conspiracy lunatics. During a more recent interview, Simmons named unvaccinated people as enemies since they are the reason why people still keep on dying if you ask the musician.

Following his controversial statement, many people started questioning why the rocker has constantly been targeting unvaccinated people. In fact, one fan claimed Gene isn’t even vaccinated and lying about getting the COVID-19 vaccine to the public. As expected, Simmons denied this accusation immediately and said that the fan is a moron.

Recently Ted Nugent was asked to share his views on Gene Simmons’ statements. The rocker said that Simmons is brainwashed by the lies and misinformation circulating in New York and Los Angeles. According to Nugent, when somebody is called a child abuser, it’s often coming from an actual child abuser.

In that sense, the rocker blamed Simmons for being an anti-vaxxer since he’s constantly slamming those who are against the coronavirus vaccine. However, Nugent didn’t forget to mention that Simmons is one of those people who speak with common sense. Since Nugent trusts his fellow musician’s opinions most of the time, he was surprised to see his statements, especially considering his mother is a Holocaust survivor.

The rocker, once again, mentioned the Nuremberg trials, which were about banning human experiments. According to Nugent, since the coronavirus vaccine is an experimental shot, he wasn’t expecting to see Simmons supporting something banned after the Holocaust.

Nugent’s statement about Simmons’ opinion follows:

“I think Gene has been so bombarded. Remember, he lives in Los Angeles. Number one, I love Gene Simmons, he is a great man, rock-solid in the asset column. But my own brother, who also spent most of his life in New York and L.A., they are so overwhelmed with lies and hate, and misinformation. And when the people on the coast, and I mean overall; only the guilty need to feel guilty, but when they call someone a racist, they are the racist; when they call someone a child molester, it’s usually coming from a child molester. So you’ve gotta give ’em the benefit of the doubt.

But the real shocker, I think, and you will agree, is that here’s Gene that speaks the truth, logic, and common sense most of the time. I really respect the man’s overview, but here’s a man who constantly references, and rightly so, that his mother survived the Holocaust where power-abusing monsters were forcing people to succumb. And then the Nuremberg trials proved that no man, no human has a right to force any unwanted medicine or experiments, like this experimental drug, on people ever again. And here’s Gene Simmons, who is so powerfully educating people about the horrors of demonic Nazism and the Holocaust, and then he compartmentalizes it and literally falls into the chasm of power abuse.”

You can watch the entire interview below.