Gene Simmons Reacts To Accusations Of Not Being Vaccinated

KISS bassist Gene Simmons shared a post on his official Twitter account, reacting to a fan who accused him of lying about being vaccinated against COVID-19. The musician slammed that statement by saying he was vaccinated twice, so he didn’t experience any side effects when he was diagnosed with COVID-19 back in September.

For those of you who may not know, Gene Simmons has been the number one supporter of the coronavirus vaccine, advising everybody to get vaccinated for protection. The musician had previously revealed that he has received both vaccination doses and stated that being vaccinated should be a law.

In September, Simmons and Paul Stanley tested positive for COVID-19 and had to postpone four tour dates. The bassist was candid about his health status during that period and revealed that he was experiencing mild symptoms thanks to the vaccine.

Since he has always been publicly open about the pandemic and his experience with the virus, Simmons stressed that he strongly supports and reinforces government regulations against the spread of COVID-19, when KISS was blamed for not following the restrictions while touring. Once again, the rocker said those comments were based on hate and weren’t reflecting the truth.

During a recent interview with Talkshoplive, Gene Simmons said those who aren’t vaccinated are the enemy since the pandemic is very much real, and millions of people have died because of it. He also stated that his opinions aren’t political because he thinks politics are as bad as unvaccinated people.

Following the interview, a fan shared a post on Twitter saying the KISS icon is lying about being vaccinated. This angered the musician who has been a fierce supporter of the vaccine, and Gene slammed that fan with an unapologetic tweet. Simmons said that he has been vaccinated not once but twice, which is why he didn’t experience any side effects when he tested positive for the virus. Furthermore, he stated that it was the vaccine that saved his life when he was diagnosed.

A fan tweeted:

“I wish Gene took the vaccine and I am positive he didn’t.”

Simmons’ reply follows:

“Jerry. I’m calling you out. You’re a moron talking through your ass. I took the Pfizer vaccine twice. I did get Covid, but no side effects. The vaccine saved my life… Hey Loser, nice profile photo, by the way.”

You can see the Twitter post below.