Gene Simmons Receives Backlash As Fans Don’t Follow Restrictions During KISS Shows

Gene Simmons, known for being one of those celebrities that encourage people to get vaccinated and wear masks to protect themselves, recently received backlash from his Twitter followers because the crowd in their shows didn’t seem to be wearing masks.

The covid-19 pandemic has been raising a great number of issues since it emerged in 2020. Tons of misinformation, government distrust, and conspiracy theories have been creating tension, arguments, and even fights all around the world. People already tend to react to each others’ opinions, and therefore when a well-known celebrity expresses a different point of view, they become highly criticized most of the time.

KISS’ Gene Simmons is one of the stars who revealed his views on the COVID vaccines and kept encouraging people to get vaccinated, wear a mask and take the pandemic seriously. That is why, when he shared footage of their show in Nevada on his Twitter, he received backlash from fans because it was apparent that the crowd wasn’t wearing masks.

As a response to the video, one of his followers shared his thoughts on the matter. He claimed that Simmons is being hypocritical by defending masks on Twitter but not doing anything about it on their shows. However, Simmons didn’t reply to his comments and ended up blocking people who criticized him about the incident.

Here is what the follower said as a response:

“So, why don’t you guys require masks at your shows? You post so much about those dying from Covid. Isn’t this a bit hypocritical?

Here is what Simmons tweeted shortly after:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, if some of you have discovered you have been quietly and respectfully blocked, it’s nothing personal. I simply refuse to have my Twitter account allow some of you to spew your hate-filled rants. So, goodbye and have a nice day.”

The same fan replied to his tweet stating:

“I noticed in a video you posted of a recent show that no one in the crowd was wearing a mask… is this not a little hypocritical based on your daily reports of those dying from Covid?”

Some of the fans supported Simmons underneath the tweets. They stated that the crowd wore masks, but it got crazy afterward, and the security couldn’t control it. Other fans indicated that the band could have just stopped playing until everyone put their masks back on. As it appears, everyone is happy to see KISS back on the stage after almost two years, but there is still a lot of fear and questioning in people’s minds about being in crowded places again.

You can see the tweets about the incident below.