Mike Shinoda Filled With Regret As His Free-NFT Is Now Worth Thousands Of Dollars


Linkin Park co-founder Mike Shinoda recently shared a post on his Twitter account to reveal that he gave one of his NFTs for free, and it is currently being resold for thousands of dollars.

As you may know, Mike Shinoda has been interested in NFT, also known as a non-fungible token, since the first time it became very popular, especially during the global pandemic. The artists turned their artworks into rare digitals assets and sold them to survive in the middle of a financial crisis when there were no exhibitions, concerts, and plays due to COVID-19 precautions.

Even though many artists have released their tokens to gain money for themselves, Mike Shinoda uses his NFT collections for his charity project ‘Michael K Shinoda Endowed Scholarship.’ Therefore he shared his new song ‘One Hundredth Stream’ as an NFT and sold it for $30.000 to help the art students who require financial support to continue their education.

In his recent tweet, Shinoda revealed that the NFT he gave for free a short time ago is currently being sold for more than $2200. He emphasized that the person who sells it can purchase two new iPhone 13 Pros right now. So, it seems that Shinoda is regretful about giving it for free because he could use that money for his scholarship project.

Here’s what Shinoda wrote in his tweet:

“The lowest price for my little NFT on hicetnunc2000 is now 333 Tez / $2200+ USD.

I gave this NFT out for free. It is now being resold for enough money to buy you two iPhone 13 Pros.”

You can see the tweet below.