Gene Simmons Defends Governments Sharing Personal Info Of People Who Refuse Covid-19 Vaccines

KISS bassist Gene Simmons shared a post on his official Twitter page reacting to his fans who disagreed with the idea of government which includes exposing the personal information of a citizen if they refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine. and Simmons stated that those people have no right to infect others, therefore, it’s a suitable penalty.

The whole controversy started when Gene Simmons shared a post on Twitter in which he shows support for new law in Israeli which allows the government to reveal personal information of citizens who decline to get a coronavirus vaccine by stating that it’s actually a great idea.

Here is what Simmons said:

What a great idea.!!!.., New law lets Israeli Health Ministry share personal info of citizens who decline COVID vaccine – CBS News”

Since his statement is offensive according to many and quite bold, many of his fans shared dozens of tweets related to the matter and one stressed the fact that weaponizing personal information has never been a good idea, however, Gene Simmons shared a post on his official Twitter page stating that if somebody’s carrying a deadly disease, everybody should know it.

Here is what Simmons said:

“I don’t agree. If somebody is carrying disease and refuses to protect the rest of us, let everybody know who this guy is. So we can stay away.!! Common sense. Mic drop!”

Later on, a fan also shared a post on Twitter stating that such a law would be violating people’s right to privacy, however, Simmons disagrees as he shared a tweet stating that it’s not a breach of privacy, it’s a precaution so that infected people cannot harm others.

Here is what that fan said:

“Violating people’s right to privacy? Slippery slope with going down that rabbit hole.”

Here is what Simmons said:

“Actually, I’m not violating your right to privacy. I am violating your right to think you can infect me with what you may have. You don’t have the right to infect me.”

You can see the Twitter posts below.