Dee Snider Says He’s Not A Republican

Twisted Sister’s iconic frontman Dee Snider recently joined a debate on Twitter. At one point, he revealed that he’s actually not a republican.

As you know, both Dee Snider and Gene Simmons have been great supporters of the COVID-19 vaccine and have been encouraging their fans to follow COVID-19 regulations. Moreover, both musicians issued some controversial statements on this subject. For instance, Dee Snider claimed that the anti-vaxxers would be dead by 2022, while Gene Simmons supported the Israeli government’s decision to share the personal information of the citizens who refuse to get vaccinated.

So, it is no surprise that anti-vaxxers and other skeptical people don’t like Simmons and Snider’s attitude towards getting vaccines. Recently, a Twitter user shared Gene Simmons’ statement in which he labeled anti-vaxxers as enemies. In the tweet, the user stated that Simmons and Snider made rock and roll a sell-out.

Following that, several users implied that the musicians became the establishment rather than rebelling the restrictions. The debate continued, and one user stated that these anti-vaxxers are stuck in their own minds. Moreover, they said they support republicans like Simmons and Snider, although they are a die-hard liberal. In a response, Dee Snider stated he is not a republican and quoted John Rich to say he is a ‘gun tottin’ moderate.’

A Twitter user confirmed another user who said Simmons and Snider try to encourage people to get vaccinated:

“Exactly! They’re stuck in their anti-vax cult mentality because their side told them to. I’m a die-hard liberal but I still support republicans like Gene and Dee… You know, the sane ones.

Following that, Dee Snider said:

“I’m actually not a republican. To quote John Rich, I’m a gun tottin’ moderate!

You can check out the tweets below.