Ted Nugent Resembles The ‘Experimental’ Vaccines To Nazi Experiments On Humans


Controversial rocker Ted Nugent once again opened up about the coronavirus vaccine during a recent live stream on his official Facebook page. This time, the musician suggested that the ‘experimental’ vaccine has an immense resemblance to the time when Nazis tested their experimental drugs on humans.

It’s an obvious fact by now that Ted Nugent doesn’t believe in the coronavirus pandemic. According to the musician, the coronavirus is real, however, the pandemic is a fraud and overrated. During his countless Facebook Livestreams, the rocker revealed many opinions such as stressing how the virus was created in a Wuhan lab and was supported by numerous politics such as former president Barack Obama.

On top of this, Nugent also claims that the coronavirus vaccine is an unauthorized, untested, non-FDA emergency shot to which the government refers to as ‘vaccine’ to prevent a reaction. Furthermore, the coronavirus vaccine has terrible side effects according to the conservative musician and it’s going to cause many people to have heart attacks, infertility, blood clots, and ultimately death.

The word controversy and Ted Nugent come as a pair these days and the musician added another claim to his debatable opinions. During a recent live stream on his Facebook page, the musician implied that the government is trying to experiment with their vaccine on people and the coronavirus vaccine is nothing but an experimental shot.

In addition to this, Ted Nugent resembled the current coronavirus vaccine to the time when Nazis experimented on people with their drugs. To stress that human beings aren’t allowed to be experimented on, the musician reminded his fans of the Nuremberg trials which were a series of military tribunals held after World War II. The trials resulted in the decision to ban human experiments and Nugent stated that we don’t need a trial to know this right now.

In his Facebook Livestream, Ted Nugent’s statement follows:

“Please call you mayor, your senator, your congressman and tell them we will not put up with this door-to-door forced vaccine. Let me tell you about that, there was a Nuremberg trial, they were trying to Nazis who experimented on human beings with experimental drugs like the current covid non-vaccine. It’s an experimental shot.

I’m sure I’m gonna get thrown off of here because of the thieves and big pharma, the liars in the social media, the liars in our government, the evildoers in our media. You’re not allowed to tell the truth. So in the Nuremberg trials, the globe decided no more Nazis can experiment on human beings, can’t do it. I didn’t need the Nuremberg trials to know that, anybody with an ounce of sense and decency knows you can’t experiment on human beings.

The Nuremberg trial concluded nobody is allowed to ever experiment on human beings yet our food and drug administration has decided, ‘We’re going to do it.’ This is how insane this is. ‘We’re not forcing but you can’t work or go to the store without it.’ Are you listening to these people? We’re not forcing it but we’re forcing it, door-to-door.”

Although Ted Nugent has point when stressing the fact that human experiments aren’t allowed, his never-ending allegations are questionable by many fans. While there are a number of people who find Nugent unreliable, there are also many fans of the musician who support him in his opinions on the coronavirus pandemic as well.