Ted Nugent Says Black People Were Injected Syphilis By The Government And Warns About The Vaccines’ Side Effects

During a recent Facebook Livestream, rock veteran Ted Nugent once again revealed new ‘information’ about the side effects of the coronavirus vaccine. According to Nugent, the vaccine isn’t qualified to be referred to as a vaccine and it has a tremendous amount of side effects. In order to prove his point, the rocker gave the example of the time when the United States government allegedly injected people of color with Syphilis.

For those of you who may not know yet, every live stream of Ted Nugent on his official Facebook page is filled with adrenaline and a new piece of information as he likes to passionately talk about controversial matters such as the coronavirus pandemic. According to Nugent, the virus was created in the labs of Wuhan and was supported by people such as former President of the United States Barack Obama.

That statement is only a little portion of the musician’s unusual opinions since Ted Nugent previously claimed that it wasn’t Donald Trump who was responsible for the Capitol Riot, instead, those people were Black Lives Matter and Antifa supporters who disguised as Trump supporters. If this wasn’t enough, the musician once accused Joe Biden of supporting Satan, as well as claiming that legendary basketball player LeBron James is also supporting the devil.

While it may seem like it’s impossible for Ted Nugent to surprise his fans during his next Facebook Livestream, he actually recently did with his latest claims and accusations. According to Nugent, the coronavirus vaccine is an unauthorized, untested, non-FDA emergency shot. Furthermore, the vaccine shouldn’t be referred to as a vaccine in the first place, however, the governments use the word ‘vaccine’ in order to ease people.

In addition to this, the legendary musician alleged that the coronavirus vaccine has terrible side effects such as heart attacks, infertility, blood clots, and death. Thinking that many people may not believe that the government wouldn’t do such a thing to its citizens, Ted Nugent reminded his fans of the time when the United States government allegedly vaccinated black people with Syphilis once.

During his Facebook Livestream, Ted Nugent stated:

“Have you ever in your life seen such as … to get people to take an unauthorized, untested, non-FDA emergency shot that they’re calling a vaccine that isn’t a vaccine. That’s not a Ted Nugent thing, they admit it’s not a vaccine. There is actually paperwork that goes, ‘You know, this isn’t really a vaccine, it doesn’t qualify as a vaccine, and it hasn’t been tested as a vaccine, and the food and drug administration won’t let us call it a vaccine but let’s call it a vaccine because people are comfortable with the word vaccine.’

Tell me you know that. Tell me you know that the shot is not an authorized vaccine, tell me you know that. There’s a tragic outcome of side effects, sickness, heart attacks, infertility, blood clots, death like no other emergency shot in the history of the world except for the time when our government injected them with Syphilis. ‘Our government wouldn’t do that!’ Our government injected blacks with Syphilis.”

Despite the fact that Ted Nugent has been only focusing on his upcoming studio album, ‘Detroit Muscle’ lately which is going to be released this winter, it was about time for him to come up with a controversial and debatable statement such as this. While his fans are now quite used to hearing surprising allegations from the musician, they also cannot wait to see what he will be bringing to the table for his fans to discuss next time.