Doug Aldrich Explains What He Thinks About David Coverdale And Ronnie James Dio

Former Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich opened up about working with two incredible frontmen, Whitesnake lead singer David Coverdale, and Black Sabbath lead singer Ronnie James Dio in addition to comparing the two when it comes to singing during a recent interview with Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon.

As many of you know, Doug Aldrich was a member of Coverdale’s Whitesnake from 2002 to 2014 before leaving to spend more time with his family. As he revealed many times during numerous interviews, Aldrich and Coverdale share a mutual love and respect and that he will always be open to working with the frontman again.

Doug Aldrich also was a member of Dio which was a band formed by vocalist Ronnie James Dio back in 1982, for a short period between 2002 and 2006, and contributed to the band’s ‘Killing The Dragon’ album. Doug also revealed in an interview that working with Ronnie has been a great experience.

During a most recent interview, Doug Aldrich was asked about working with that two frontmen and he opened up about both Ronnie James Dio and Davie Coverdale. Apparently, Ronnie is the greatest heavy metal singer according to Aldrich, whereas David is the greatest heavy blues-rock singer.

Here is what Aldrich said:

“They’re a lot different. They’re all individually different too. I often say Ronnie is, for me, the greatest heavy metal singer, David’s the greatest heavy blues-rock singer. All those guys are amazing and they’ve got their tone. David Coverdale’s tone is just still fat and it’s just giant. Same with Ronnie – Ronnie was so powerful.”

In addition to this, Aldrich revealed the difference between the two lead singers, seemingly, Ronnie was straight up when it comes to talking about problems, he would take about it right away, however, David would process the matter before bringing it to the table, therefore, Aldrich had to ask him the problem many times.

Here is what he said:

“David’s like my big bro, he really looked out for me. Ronnie was Ronnie… I’ll tell you the difference – Ronnie wore his heart on his sleeve, and if he was upset about something with anybody in the band, he would let them know right away, and then you would get through it. And by the time you’re back on the bus, it was done.

David is super-strong, he’s a very deep guy, and it means a lot to him. So if he might want to process things a little bit before he talks about what’s bothering him, you could tell there was something that he was not happy about, and I’d have to ask him what’s going on. But it was like it’s totally natural.”

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