Timothy B. Schmit Addresses The Eagles Fans Contribution To The Band


The Eagles bassist Timothy B. Schmit recently spoke to Bob Harris and talked about how their longtime dedicated fans helped them perform as well as in the old times. Schmit also revealed whether he’s gotten bored of singing the Eagles classics for years.

The band’s longtime and successful journey in the music industry began when the Grammy Award-winner Linda Ronstadt and her manager John Boylan wanted to hire musicians for her new band. They recruited Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Randy Meisner, and Bernie Leadon, but shortly after, Frey and Henley decided to form their band. So, The Eagles’ icons were initially some local artists who worked for Ronstadt.

However, everything changed quickly, and the band members gained fame and commercial success after their debut studio album, which was released on June 1, 1972. Since then, The Eagles have been hitting the charts with their iconic songs and traveling worldwide as a part of their tours. In their new Hotel Californa tour, the fans proved that their admiration for the band would never end, and the bassist wanted to share his ideas about the positive reviews.

Timothy Schmit emphasized that their fans’ energies significantly influenced their performance, which has remained unchanged for decades since they have been in harmony between them and the audience. He revealed that many people asked him if they encountered any problems singing the same songs over and over after all those years.

The bassist stated that his answer was ‘no’ because the audience’s reactions to their performance during the shows have kept them fresh. According to Schmit, thousands of people came to watch them live, and they laughed, got emotional, danced, and overall felt the songs, all of which proved their works’ everlasting effect on the fans. 

Here’s what the host said:

“When you are up on the stage there, in front of an audience that big that loves you so much, the energy must be incredible.

Schmit responded:

“It is. That’s what makes it all worthwhile, to see that many people standing in the mass, it was a human ocean of people. I heard it was 65 thousand people. It’s pretty great because they’re giving back to you this great energy pumps you, and it’s a back-and-forth thing or happening altogether.

Many people ask me, ‘What keeps you doing the same songs over and over for so many years? Don’t you get bored of it? Do you ever get bored?’ Then my answer is ‘No,’ because it is that audience feedback makes it fresh every day or night when you’re playing. I see people enter other worlds when they hear certain songs. I see people crying and dancing. It’s pretty great. I’m very fortunate to be able to experience that.”

You can check out the interview below.