Maynard James Keenan Says Ace Frehley Took KISS Songs To Another Level

During his recent appearance on Revolver’s Fan First, Tool and Puscifer lead vocalist Maynard James Keenan opened up about KISS’ songs and former lead guitarist Ace Frehley’s contribution by praising Frehley’s extraordinary and unmatchable skills as a guitarist.

If you are a Maynard James Keenan fan, you know that he’s a huge KISS fan. The musician is especially fond of the band’s original lead guitarist Ace Frehley, who left the band twice due to creative differences and was replaced by Tommy Thayer. It was tough for Keenan to accept that Frehley would never reunite with the band and keep rocking on.

However, Tool’s frontman continued to reflect his admiration for the guitarist through his social media posts and during various interviews. Keenan chose to use a profile photo with Ace Frehley’s Spaceman makeup for his TikTok account. He had also previously shown his insane KISS collection, including Ace Frehley’s boots, photographed signed by Frehley, a KISS comic book, a pinball machine on his Instagram account.

During his recent conversation, Maynard James Keenan stated that Frehley’s guitar parts and performance took the KISS songs, which the lead singer defined as ‘catchy and simple,’ to another level. According to him, KISS’s records wouldn’t be iconic and unforgettable without the original guitarist’s contribution. Therefore, he revealed that he preferred listening to the classics instead of the ones released after Frehley even though he knows that Gene Simmons will ‘spank’ him for his words.

Keenan said in his interview that:

“I’ve met Gene many times and feel comfortable enough to sit at the kitty table throwing some carrots at the main table which eating now and then. He’ll definitely spank me at some point, but I’m allowed to say these things a little bit. I’ll get spanked, but I don’t know… Ace was the person that took those songs over the top for me because they were very simple, catchy with a little sinister edge song structures. It was Ace’s initial leads and spice that really set it apart from what it was.

Those first round of the songs, I heard there was a documentary on TV, a KISS documentary… Friends that I have been talking about this for a while and one of them said, ‘Yeah, the thing you would mention about Ace coming and actually being the thing that kind of took the songs to another level.’ I mean, the songs again have to be there, they have to structure the cornerstone, but then he came in just like added that dimension to it that made them better.

You can watch the interview below.