Ronnie Wood Enjoys A Double Celebration Of His 46 Years With The Rolling Stone And His Birthday

The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and shared his happiness for celebrating two amazing things at once; turning 74 and being in one of the most iconic bands in rock history for over four and a half decades.

Ronnie Wood is one of the most popular and appreciated guitarists in the history of the rock scene and although he achieved worldwide fame with his successful career as the guitarist of the Rolling Stones, he’s also known for his solo career as a musician, author, artist, and radio personality.

The multi-talented rockstar recently posted a photo of himself on his Instagram account and celebrated both his birthday and the 46th anniversary of his first gig with the Rolling Stones. As you may recall, Wood started touring with the band in 1975 although he was still a member of Faces, and joined the Rolling Stones officially in April 1976 after the disbandment of the band.

On June 1, Ronnie Wood celebrated both his birthday and the first time he got on stage with the band who would soon become his family. Numerous fans and friends celebrated the rockstar’s birthday and his bandmate Keith Richards’ daughter Theodora was one of the first to celebrate his birthday and great achievement.

Here’s what Ronnie Wood said in the caption of his post:

It’s a double celebration today! Today is Ronnie’s birthday, and it’s the 46th anniversary of his first official gig with the Rolling Stones, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, part of the legendary TOTA tour. Happy birthday Ronnie!”

This is what Theodora Richards commented:

“Happy happy birthday Ronnie xx.”

You can check out Ronnie Wood’s Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Ronnie Wood – Instagram