The Time Dozens Protested Roger Waters While He Was Giving A Concert

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters is a well-known musician who’s been active in the rock scene since the mid-’60s and has contributed immensely to the history and culture of the genre. Aside from his talents as a musician, Waters is also an outspoken political activist which can sometimes be a little upsetting for some.

Waters is highly vocal about a lot of causes such as Steve Dozinger’s house arrest, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s imprisonment, and Israel’s occupation of Palestine. Although his support for Palestine is appreciated by millions of people, the descriptions that he has used over the years for Israel have also offended a lot of people, to the point of initiating a protest against the musician.

Has Roger Waters Offended Jewish People?

Inflatable Pig during Roger Waters’ concert

The answer to that question varies based on who you ask. Numerous Jewish people have spoken against the famous rockstar for his statements, and in specific his visual shows during concerts. As you probably know, Waters really enjoys elaborate live shows and he often uses various means to reflect his thoughts.

One of the visual aids that he often uses is a giant inflatable pig descending from the rafters which have various mottos written on it, such as ‘Together we stand, divided we fall.’ However, during a show, the pig was emblazoned with the Star of David and dollar signs, and images of Nazi swastikas were projected on the background screens (see above).

Different versions of this pig were present in various concerts which have been considered offensive by a lot of people. In fact, various Jewish federations throughout the United States have clearly stated that they are boycotting Waters and n 2017, dozens of people went outside Nassau Coliseum during the musician’s performance so as to condemn his discriminatory rhetoric.

Is Roger Waters Anti-Semitic?

As mentioned above, there have been many instances that Roger has been accused of being anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist. During various interviews, Waters has stated that he’s protesting the Israeli occupation of Palestine and other Israeli government policies, which is the reason why he doesn’t perform in Israel.

Aside from not performing in Israel, he also often calls out on the musicians that do go there. While this has been accepted by numerous Jewish people who respect the musician’s freedom of speech and liberty to share his political views, they stress that he shouldn’t try to make a point at the expense of innocent people’s religion and ethnic identity.

While Roger Waters still argues that his attacks are directed specifically towards the Israeli government continuing the apartheid, Jewish people all around the world claim that his words offend them too. It seems like this discussion will go on for a while as Roger Waters will not give up on the important cause of freeing Palestine, and Jewish people will not stay silent when offended.