Corey Taylor Reveals His Bold Analyse About Machine Gun Kelly

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor recently discussed his feud with Machine Gun Kelly in an interview with Steve-O’s Wild Ride. He admitted that he would have been more confrontational and arrogant in the past but has learned to handle such situations more maturely now:

“Oh, dude. I would have been such an a**hole, 20, like even 15 years ago. Because even back then, as much as I was trying to get a hold on my ego, back then I was still leaning into it, you know. Like, it was still just kind of a dog off of a chain, really.”

Despite their past dispute, Corey recognized similarities between himself and Machine Gun Kelly and didn’t shy away from acknowledging his own flaws:

“And what I had to realize is that there are certain things about him that I’d identify with. We’re both big personalities, we both have massive mouths, we both love the sound of our fcking voice, let’s put it that way. But I can admit that, I’m not going to be the a**hole who goes ‘Oh, I’m too together for that sht’ and f*ck that man, I’m an a**hole, I can be.”

Taylor said his maturity wasn’t recognized by other people, and explained how the feud between them fizzled:

“And the fact that I was able to go ‘You know what, I had just as much to blame about that situation as he did.’ And I think people didn’t realize that. People just wanted to pick a side instead of look at what was going on. And it wasn’t until we both kind of sat, because he did in that interview and then I did it later. We were able to both go ‘You know what, I was a d*ck and I ran of at the f*cking mouth and it turned into some sh*t’ And that’s one of the reasons why we don’t tallk about it.”

 In the past, both Corey and MGK talked about how it all began between them. During a time when things were getting gradually tense, Corey explained the situation in an interview as:

“If you don’t know, they asked me to do a tune with him. They sent it to me. I didn’t dig it. And I tried to do something with it because of my respect for Travis because he and I worked together before. They sent me these really weird notes and they wanted me to sing his words. And I just said, ‘I’m not gonna do it.’ And I sent an e-mail. I posted that e-mail. And I didn’t hear back from him. And I thought it was done.

Fast forward about eight months, and Machine Gun Kelly is doing this weird Instagram Live interview with Allie from Spotify. And he goes off on this fucking rant about rock stars and comfortable shoes. It sounds as smart as you think it is. I mean, spit was coming out of his face. And I’m watching it and I’m going, ‘You f*ck. You’ve been here for five minutes, basically, and you’re gonna f*cking run your mouth about bands that have been doing this for 20 fucking years, like in the mud, in the dirt.”

Sometime later, when things between them seemed to cool down, MGK reflected on the incident retrospectively in another interview. He shared his regret as:

“I was a fan of Slipknot. I was a fan of Corey. That’s why I’d asked him to get on ‘Tickets to My Downfall.’ He obviously had mutual respect, too, because he cut a verse.

I tried to give notes back, like, ‘Oh, this wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. Can we try this?’ Respectfully he was like, you know, ‘No.’ I was like, ‘Okay, cool.’ So we didn’t use it. Then I heard him on a podcast.

That narrative always confused me. My most successful album was the album I just put out. ‘Hotel Diablo’ that’s a rap album that has billion-plus streams. I could have handled it differently. I should have picked up the phone and been like, ‘Hey dude, why would you say that?’ But, instead, we all acted ridiculously.”

You can watch the whole episode below.