Machine Gun Kelly Regrets His Corey Taylor Dispute


Machine Gun Kelly opened up about his problems with Slipknot lead singer Corey Taylor by sharing details about it during his new documentary. Kelly reflected on his feelings about the verbal fight between them as a Slipnot fan which could finally end this situation.

The longtime feud between Kelly and Taylor began when the young musician wanted to collaborate with the frontman and the drummer Travis Barker for his fifth studio album entitled ‘Tickets to My Downfall,’ released on September 25, 2020. However, they couldn’t create together for various reasons that the two artists revealed. While Taylor stated that he couldn’t sing that notes, Kelly said Taylor’s part was impossible to use.

Then, in one of his interviews, the Slipknot frontman drew attention to new rock musicians from other genres that chose rock after failing, which many considered an insult to Kelly, who recently became a rocker. MGK also fired back by mocking Slipknot members’ style and highlighted being 50-year-old men with masks. Taylor’s answer was about his childish and disrespectful behaviors toward rock/heavy metal bands, and his wife Alicia claimed that Kelly started this feud with his harsh words.

Even though the two rock stars have their perspective and version of this dispute, it can be understood from Kelly’s documentary ‘Life in Pink’ that he regretted what happened between them. The famous musician explained it, saying that the collaboration attempt failed because of their egos, leading to the issue. He added that he was a Slipknot and Corey Taylor fan, and they could have become friends again through communication.

Kelly shared his ideas, saying via The Pit:

“It’s funny, the whole Slipknot issue. That situation’s unfortunate because I think both of us let our egos get in the way. I was a fan of Slipknot. I was a fan of Corey. That’s why I’d asked him to get on ‘Tickets to My Downfall.’ He obviously had mutual respect, too, because he cut a verse.

I tried to give notes back, like, ‘Oh, this wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. Can we try this?’ Respectfully he was like, you know, ‘No.’ I was like, ‘Okay, cool.’ So we didn’t use it. Then I heard him on a podcast.

That narrative always confused me. My most successful album was the album I just put out. ‘Hotel Diablo’ that’s a rap album that has billion-plus streams. I could have handled it differently. I should have picked up the phone and been like, ‘Hey dude, why would you say that?’ But, instead, we all acted ridiculously.

You can check out the trailer below.