Mick Jagger’s Emotional Speech During First Rolling Stones Show Without Charlie Watts

The Rolling Stones performed their first show on September 20 after the death of their beloved drummer Charlie Watts. Before starting, Mick Jagger dedicated the performance to the late drummer and gave a speech on how much the band misses him.

The iconic drummer passed away on August 24 after announcing that he needed to undergo a medical procedure, and the cause of death is still unknown. The unexpected death of one of the most influential drummers in history saddened all of the fans and caused grief all over the world.

The Rolling Stones received much backlash from fans when they announced that they will continue their 2021 No Filter Tour. The fans had stated that there should be no Stones without Charlie and psychologically tried to push the band into retirement. However, the legendary band is still active, and they are continuing the tour as Watts gave them his blessing to continue by replacing him with Steve Jordan.

This is exactly what the band did. Not only did they decided to continue, but they also added new dates. Their first show was on September 20 in Foxboro, Mass Gillette Stadium, and they performed 14 songs. Before the performance, Mick Jagger marked the day as the first time the band ever performed without Charlie and stated that they have so many memories with him.

Here is Mick Jagger’s speech on their first show without Charlie:

“It’s the first show of our 2021 tour. So this is it, this is a try out, this is. I must say though, at this point, it’s a bit of a poignant night for us cause it’s the first tour in 59 years that we’ve done without our lovely Charlie Watts.

We all miss Charlie so much, we miss him as a band, we miss him as friends on and off the stage, and we got so many memories of Charlie, and I’m sure that some of you that seen us before have got memories of Charlie as well. I hope you will remember him well. So, we’d like to dedicate this show to Charlie. I’m gonna drink to Charlie.”

Ronnie Wood grabbed the microphone from Jagger and stated:

“Charlie, we’re praying for you man, we’re playing for you.”

After getting the band and the crowd emotional, Jagger cheered and drank for their friend and drummer. The crowd clapped every time the singer uttered Charlie’s name. Even though most fans didn’t want the band to continue anymore, there was no decrease in the intensity of their crowd.