Belinda Carlisle Reveals Some Go-Go’s Members Refused To Disband

Belinda Carlisle of Go-Go’s recently sat down with People’s Magazine and in the interview, she shared her thoughts regarding the band’s breakup in 1985. She said:

“There’s something to be said for quitting while you’re ahead and stopping at the top, and I think you can go on too long. Some people had a tougher time than others.”

In terms of the band’s decision of breaking up, and how other members thought about it, she said:

“It’s a pretty tough decision to make, but I do think it’s possible for bands to go on too long and lose their dignity. Everybody has their own things going on in their lives, and yeah, I mean — most of us felt like it was time.”

Carlisle also expressed her feelings about her former band’s performance at the time by saying:

“I’m so proud of what we achieved, against all odds. From not knowing how to plug in a guitar into amplifier, to three years later being the biggest band in America — I mean, that’s not normal!”

This isn’t the first time the former lead singer talked about the band’s breakup. In a previous interview, she said that these types of endings have a time, and she is good at sensing when the time comes:

“I always tell my manager, ‘I hope you’re going to tell me when it’s time.’ I don’t think he will have to because I probably will have felt like it’s time for me. I think I have a good sense of that.”

Belinda is now on tour for her new EP ‘Kismet’’s promotion. She will also have a performance at ‘A Capitol Fourth’ in Washington D.C., for the celebrations of Fourth of July.