Oasis’ Liam Gallagher Calls Nepo Baby Critics ‘Jealous’

While the debate on ‘nepo babies’ continues unabated, another opinion on the matter recently came from Oasis‘ Liam Gallagher. In the post he shared on his official Twitter account, the singer wrote that people criticizing celebrity children who become famous in their own right are actually jealous of them.

Liam’s brother Noel had also offered his point of view on the nepo baby discussion when asked if he thought his children had an unfair advantage for just being born to a celebrity family. He had referred to his daughter Anaïs and said it was okay for him to work with his daughter because she was good at what she did. However, his boys were not interested in his projects, so it eventually depended on the kid and their interests.

Besides Noel Gallagher, Bono’s daughter Eve Hewson had also talked about the issue as a child of a famous singer. The actress had made fun of the ongoing debate with a sarcastic response, expressing her sadness over not being able to find a spot in the lists of nepo babies. When she learned that she had already appeared in a similar article, Hewson wrote she had achieved one of her 2023 goals.

Not surprisingly, Liam Gallagher’s four children also frequently appear in the various events of the showbiz scene. His son Lennon recently walked in the Burberry fashion show at London Fashion Week, along with Jude Law’s daughter Iris. Probably, it was no surprise to anyone to see them on a show like that, but some fans still stirred up the debates on nepo babies.

In his tweet, the former Oasis frontman sarcastically criticized the people fuming over celebrity children who get their feet on the show and music business. Liam Gallagher wrote that nepo baby critics were actually jealous of this situation because those children were eventually trying to earn their living on their own rather than steal from others.

Gallagher’s tweet read:

“All this snizzle about famous folks kids out earning a crust, least they’re not out mugging old people; zip it, you jealous ugly f*cks.”

As a response to him, a user asked his opinion on Lennon’s appearance on the Burberry show. Liam Gallagher said he found his son pretty cool while walking in the show. Yet, he is also determined not to let him gain his throne in coolness.

The user’s question to him:

“Lennon smashed the Burberry show. What did you think? Is he cooler than you yet?

He replied:

“He is at the moment as I’m mash-up, but I’ll be back saucier than ever.”

Apparently, Gallagher doesn’t take nepo baby criticisms that have been directed against his children seriously, as he thinks attackers are just jealous seeing nepo babies succeed. We may keep hearing different opinions on this subject in the coming days.