New Mammoth Setlist Shows The Hilarious Sense Of Humor Of Wolfgang Van Halen


Wolfgang Van Halen, who is known for his talents as a multi-instrumentalist and sarcastic remarks on Twitter, made his fans laugh by sharing his new way of writing his concert setlist.

The young musician achieved fame after replacing Michael Anthony and becoming Van Halen’s bassist. However, they disbanded following the passing of the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Thus, Wolfgang decided to continue his path in music by forming his solo band, Mammoth WVH.

Although it is a solo band and Wolf plays all the instruments on the debut record, he also has bandmates with whom he performs live. After releasing his debut album and the easing of the COVID-19 restrictions, Mammoth WVH did their live debut just some months ago and has been opening for Guns N’ Roses.

Aside from his music career, Wolfgang is also famous for his sarcastic comments towards social media users who blame him for riding on his father, Eddie Van Halen’s coattails. While his responses anger some fans, most people enjoy the musician’s sense of humor, which he reflected once again with his recent social media post.

Wolfgang recently shared his setlist on Instagram, but his sense of humor didn’t make it easy for the fans to guess the songs he’d chosen. Wolf wrote the songs’ names with emojis, riddles, and clues to make them look more exciting and funny. He seemed to have a lot of fun while posting it as he teased his followers, asking them if they could guess what they meant.

Here is what he stated in the caption:

“Traded in my usual setlist for this mess at the show last night. Can you read it?”

A fan guessed the songs by deciphering the symbols and commented:

“Don’t back down 

Horribly Right


Mr. Ed 


Talk n Walk

Think it over 

You’re to blame

The Big Picture 



You’ll Be The One 



Wolf didn’t confirm or deny whether his fan guessed everything right but, this list seemed to be the most accurate. Another fan made a list of Van Halen songs to draw attention to the fact that he is not playing any, but the comment received backlash from other fans because Wolf doesn’t want people to criticize him on this subject anymore. 

You can see the mind-blowing setlist below.

Photo Credit: Wolf Van Halen – Instagram