Ted Nugent Calls Michael Moore ‘A Soulless Slob’

Ted Nugent recently hosted his Facebook show, Spirit Campfire, and addressed why commandos were the only solution to defect any possible shooters on school grounds, how no one trusted IRS anymore, and why Michael Moore was a ‘soulless slob.’

Yet another tragic school shooting took place only recently in Nashville, as the assailant targeted a private Christian elementary school, leaving three children and three adults dead. The tragedy also hit close to the rock community, as Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill feared for his five-year-old son, who was in the area during the shooting.

So, Nugent discussed how the only way to protect children from these tragedies was to hire ‘fire-breathing’ veterans on school grounds, as first responders never arrived on the scene on time. He then continued his words by criticizing how the U.S. government never held back from helping Ukraine or arming the Taliban but couldn’t spare hundreds when it came to paying armed patriots to protect schools.

The rocker then discussed he could’ve raised the necessary money on his own if the government took a step to hire veterans, and the topic slowly drifted to IRS and how it abused the average taxpayer in America. Nugent then pointed out no one trusted the IRS anymore, suggesting that if anybody gave IRS a call, the ‘soulless slob‘ Michael Moore would answer the phone.

The rocker’s words on how the government paid billions for different conflicts and why Moore was a ‘soulless slob’:

“We pay billions to a gay comedian [President Zelenski] in the Ukraine, we spent billions arming the Taliban… we spent billions to plant paranoid to murder innocent children, but we can’t earmark a couple hundred million so we can have four fire-breathing commandos per school in America. How embarrassing.

I can raise the money if we’re gonna pay their way… but the average taxpayer in America [has] been butt-slammed and abused by IRS. Who trusts the IRS? Anybody trusting the IRS, call 1-800-num-nut, and Michael Moore will gurgle on the phone for you! What a pig he is, what a soulless slob you are, Michael Moore.”

When it comes to sharing what goes through his head, Nugent doesn’t think twice and expresses whatever he has to say without holding back. This particular time, he discussed why armed veterans should be on campuses to rule out any possible shooting, and one way or the other, the topic drifted to how much of a ‘soulless slob’ Moore was.