Mark Kendall Explains Great White’s Decision To Part Ways With Mitch Malloy

Great White’s Mark Kendall recently spoke to Metal Edge and revealed why the band decided on Mitch Malloy‘s departure.

Known for his tenure with Great White, Mitch Malloy is a prolific musician who also worked with Van Halen briefly after Sammy Hagar’s departure. Malloy joined Great White in 2018 to replace Terry Ilous, but his career with the band turned out to be short-running.

In June, Great White announced Malloy’s departure and updated the fans that Andrew Freeman would join them as Malloy’s replacement. After this announcement, the band embarked on an extensive tour with their new vocalist and revealed they have plans to release new music with Freeman in the future.

In a recent interview with Metal Edge, Mark Kendall touched upon Mitch Malloy’s departure and stated that the reason Malloy left the band was that they had creative differences. According to Kendall, he would give Malloy a song but come up with a fine but not heavy-rock-driven music effort.

Saying that he didn’t want to give Malloy new music anymore, Kendall stated they didn’t have time to look for another frontman because they were working relentlessly. Moreover, the guitarist argued that hiring Freeman was accidental and wasn’t premeditated.

During an interview with Metal Edge, Mark Kendall said the following about Mitch Malloy’s departure:

“In the beginning, I would give Mitch a song, and he would come back with a pretty good song, but it was more poppy, which is a little bit more up his alley, not as much of a heavy rock thing. As we started growing apart over the past couple of years, I didn’t want to give him any more music as I didn’t know what the future would hold.

And because we were working so much, we didn’t have time to look for another singer or anything. But this thing with Andrew happened not by design. It was accidental. Andrew was sitting in, and because he did so well, we thought, ‘Man, we’d like to have him in the band.'”

So, Mark Kendall argues that Mitch Malloy had a different approach toward the songs than the rest of the band. As a result, they grew apart, and this caused him to leave. Moreover, Kendall says hiring Freeman was random, not a planned invitation, but worked well for the band.