Slipknot’s Jim Root Responds To Questions About His Signature Guitar Collection

Slipknot guitarist Jim Root shared the pictures of his guitar collection on his official Instagram page as he revealed each guitar’s history in addition to what they all need in order to be fixed. Root also patiently answered his fans’ questions in the comment section for each guitar.

As many of you might remember, Jim Root recently shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing that he will be selling a few of his old guitars online when the right time comes since he needs more space in his guitar room.

Since Jim Root realized after cleaning his guitar room that there are plenty of guitars, pedals, and amplification that is not going to be used, he decided to reveal each guitar on his Instagram and answer his fans’ question as he considers selling them.

Just like he promised, Jim Root shared numerous guitars on his official Instagram page revealing the background of each guitar like the classic black Fender guitar he used throughout touring thus is not in a good shape, therefore, Root revealed that he will clean it up eventually.

Here is what Root said:

Custom Shop Flathead. They’re in pretty rough shape from touring, but I’ll get to them and clean them up eventually.”

After seeing the guitar, a fan commented under the post stressing how basic the guitar is, especially when Root could have any guitar in the world since it’s custom, however, Jim replied to that fan’s statement revealing that he prefers classic when it comes to guitars since they are timeless.

Here is what the fan said:

“You could get any guitar you wanted, any shape, any finish and you got this… It’s cool but VERY basic for a custom”

Here is what Root said:

I prefer ‘classic.’ Classics never go out of style.”

Jim Root shared a compilation of Fender Flathead guitars on his Instagram stressing the fact that he may not be selling some of those guitars since each one of them has a special place for him and once they all are in a good shape, Root will play them once again.

Here is what Root said:

“Since the Flatheads seem to be favorites. I’ll put the rest up in one. Just to be clear. I may not let go of some of these guitars. They have sentimental value and once I ‘fix’ them I’ll still play them. I don’t really retire guitars. Just put them in rotation. And lately, I’ve been loving my jazzmasters so I favor those. These black flatheads need some TLC.”

A fan shared a comment under the post and revealed the price for the yellow guitar, apparently, it worths almost $8000, however, Jim Root revealed that he will most likely sell the same guitar for $7200, thus he showed his fans that he will not sell the guitar with an overprice.

Here is what the fan said:

“There’s a yellow one on Reverb now for almost $8k”

Here is what Jim said:

I’ll sell this one for $7.2k. I keed I keed…”

You can see the first guitar by clicking here, and the second by clicking here.