Rachel Bolan Shares Major Update On Skid Row’s New Singer Search

Rachel Bolan recently gave updates on Skid Row’s search for a new permanent vocalist to replace Erik Grönwall during a chat on Detroit’s WRIF radio station. When asked if they talked to anyone yet, he said:

“We have. No one really with a name. But, yeah, we’ve been talking to a few guys that piqued our interest, for sure. But right now we’re just concentrating on these four shows with Lzzy Hale and having fun with it.”

Can Lzzy Hale Be The Band’s New Lead Singer?

Lzzy Hale stepped in as a guest vocalist for a few Skid Row shows in March. Bolan’s explanation imply that there are no plans to move on with her at the moment, though the singer is willing to stay in the band if asked to. She told Eddie Trunk in late May:

“Oh absolutely. I love doing it. I am sure even from all of the small videos that people have been posting around. I have a blast. So, it isn’t a burden for me. In the wake of all the studying I’ve been doing [laughs]. I only do it for time. So, I’m definitely willing to take a step at it whether that be a permanent fixture or not. We will see absolutely because schedules… That’s where we are keeping it with Rachel. If I can, I will.”

Skid Row Is Working On An Album Following Grönwall’s Departure

Erik Grönwall left Skid Row to focus on his health as he has been battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia since March 2021. The band has wished Grönwall the best for his recovery and announced a live album celebrating his two-year run with them.

Bolan also mentioned plans for a follow-up to their 2022 album, ‘The Gang’s All Here,’ during his recent interview:

“We’ve been writing. I’ve been writing a lot when I can. I’ve been writing in between moving from Nashville back to New Jersey and all that kind of stuff. But, yeah, I always write. Whenever I could hear something in the supermarket, then I just kind of check out real quick and drive home as fast as I can and fire up the Pro Tools [get the ideas down].”

You can check out Rachel Bolan’s chat with WRIF’s Meltdown in the video below.