Slipknot Guitarist Jim Root Will Sell Some Of His Guitars, Amps, And Pedals

Slipknot guitarist Jim Root announced that he will be selling some of his stuff via his official Instagram account and revealed the reason behind it.

Even though most of the fans would think that Jim has been broke for a while due to the coronavirus outbreak and the downfall of the music industry in 2020, the reason behind this decision was simple.

In the post, Jim Root stated that he did a clean up in his guitar room and figured out that there has been lots of guitars, pedals, and amplification in the room that he doesn’t even use.

Because of that, Jim wanted to sell them to clear up some space in his guitar room and said that he will announce the date when the time is right. Also, Jim mentioned that he will be selling these items online.

Here is what Jim Root said:

“Did a bit of a clean up in the guitar room. Going to post some pics of guitars I opened up when I did it.

Eventually, I’ll put some of these along with some pedals and amps up for sale (need to clear up some space) if I do so it will be through Reverb and I’ll announce when when that time comes.”

You can check out the post by clicking here.