John Dolmayan Sparks Serious Online Feud With System Of A Down Fans


System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan shared his fan’s criticisms raised against him due to his thoughts about Blue Lives Matter under the comment sections of his posts, along with his own harsh responses on his official Instagram account.

As you probably know, Blue Lives Matter is a movement that started when NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were murdered in 2014. The supporters demand that people who kill law enforcement officers get sentenced as if they have committed a hate crime. However, most people reacted to this movement, saying that it is full of shallow and one-sided opinions.

However, some artists like John Dolmayan continue to show their support to Blue Lives Matter movement. In one of his previous statements, the drummer targeted Black Lives Matter protesters by claiming that they are the enemies of this nation, and there is no such thing as systematic racism in the USA. Therefore, Dolmayan has been criticized for a long time because of his controversial statements about racism.

In his recent IG posts, John posted screenshots of the serious arguments he engaged in with his fans, who wrote harsh comments about his views and said he is ruining System Of A Down’s reputation. According to his Instagram post, another fan attacked him, saying that he has a small penis, and Dolmayan highlighted that the fan’s mother didn’t say so. It seems that the tension between John and his fans might turn into longtime feuds.

Dolmayan’s IG post read:

“More assholes. From now on I’m putting these pricks on blast.”

According to the screenshot he posted, a fan wrote under one of his IG posts:

“I love System of a Down with all my heart, and I’m getting a tattoo as well, except John ruined SOAD for me with his controversial ‘blue lives matter.’ The whole point of SOAD lyrics became void with his disgusting comment and mindset. Hate me in the comments!”

Another one added:

“No hate from me, John is an absolute idiot. Great drummer though…”

Dolmayan responded:

“F’ck both of you and your myopic opinions of who people should be and how they should think. Assholes like you have been around quietly watching every genocide and evil act, slavery and segregation. Watching and never doing anything about it…

Twits like yourselves always go with the popular opinion because you lack empathy and moral fiber associated with taking a stand for those who think differently and who might just be right contrary to popular opinion. I could  care less if you like me or get a tattoo of me but you should care that you’ll spend your lives as sheep never having an original thought but instead regurgitating the same rhetoric force-fed to you by your masters.”

Dolmayan’s other IG post read as follows:

Clearly I have a small penis since I love my cars and don’t care about the environment and shit but what hurts more is that this jerk offs mom lied to me for years telling me that my penis was in fact above average. I’m devastated.”

As seen in the picture, a fan targeted the drummer saying:

Penis enlargements, for people who don’t give a shit about our world or climate.”

Here’s what John wrote as an answer:

“Your mom said my penis is huge!”

You can see the photos below.

Photo Credit: John Dolmayan – Instagram