David Lee Roth Recalls The Time A Woman Broke Into His House And Went To His Bedroom

Former Van Halen vocalist and solo musician, David Lee Roth, recently posted a series of new sketches on his Twitter account and recalled the time when a woman got into his house and started wandering around until she found the stairs leading up to his bedroom.

David Lee Roth is one of the most widely known frontmen in rock history and he reached worldwide fame as the lead vocalist of the iconic band Van Halen. However, his tenure was not continuous due to the tensions within the band and he was a member from 1974 to 1985, then reunited with them in 1996, and became the band’s last frontman from 2006 to their disbandment in 2020.

Although he’s mostly known for his music career, he’s been lately making it to our headlines with his visual artwork that he started sharing with his fans at the beginning of 2020, after the outbreak of Covid-19. With his artworks, Diamond Dave enjoys sharing his experiences from the rock world and telling unknown stories about weird things that have happened to him.

In his recent post, he talked about the time that someone broke into his house. Roth recalled waking up in the middle of the night and questioning who it is because he couldn’t hear much, except the footsteps of a person slowly approaching his bedroom. At that point, Dave stood up and walked towards his bedroom door only to find out that it was a woman approaching him and then, she just went ‘into her act.’ This is where Roth ended the story, but it seems like it will soon be continued.

Here’s what Roth thought when he first heard the noises:

“Are you fucking kidding me?

I wake up in the dark… Somebody’s walking around downstairs ‘in the dark.’ Every room; no voice…”

Then he realized:

“Now that person is working their way up the stairs; silent…”

And then he got out from the bed and went to his bedroom door:

“Which is where I bump into her; inching up the stairs.

‘Can I help you?’

She goes into her act…”

You can check out David Lee Roth’s post below,