Charlie Benante Doesn’t Care About The Pantera Reunion’s Financial Gain

The big day finally came! The Hell & Heaven Metal Fest, which took place in Mexico yesterday, December 2, definitely had some chilling moments. Charlie Benante, who recently spoke to Brave World about this reunion, also seemed quite excited about this event. Even from this speech, it is possible to understand how emotional those moments were for the members.

“I’ve always talked to Philip throughout the years,” the drummer said when asked about the first call he got for the Pantera reunion. “Then Phil called me up, and we just talked on the phone. When he said it to me, I said, ‘Absolutely!’ I was ready to do it with them because, as I explained it to him, this was more emotional to me than anything else.”

He continued, “It wasn’t about financial gain or anything like that. I know what those guys meant to me, especially Darrell. I was very close with him. And the same with Vinnie too. But I would talk to Darrell a lot. The one thing that made me feel good about Philip and Rex, they said, ‘There’s no one else that we wanted to do this but you.’ Not just because of my ability, it goes back to my friendship with these guys throughout the years.”

It was clear that this reunion would be pretty emotional for him. Charlie admitted, “That hit me on an emotional level. I wouldn’t want to see anybody else up there but me doing this. After I got off the phone with Philip, I was like, that’s it. I’m getting my sh*t together, and I’m doing this the right way. And that’s exactly how I approached it.”

Charlie Benante had the opportunity to watch Vinnie up close because they also toured together. So, as he explained in this interview, he is aware of Vinnie’s style and his approach to the drums. However, he still had to work hard to reach the ‘monstrosity’ of Vinnie when it came to his feel and triplets.

Rex, Philip, and Zakk, who got together in September, have played and jammed together for more than two weeks and were able to get in sync in a short time. In the same interview, Charlie revealed that some Pantera crew members who entered the room during the rehearsals said they could hear Vince Paul when they closed their eyes, which made Benante very proud. In fact, even that shows why Charlie Benante was the right choice for the Pantera reunion without Vinnie.