Justin Hawkins Credits Noel Gallagher For Reaching Liam Gallagher’s Level

The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins recently reviewed Noel Gallagher‘s newest track, ‘Dead To The World,’ on one of his classic YouTube videos and credited the rocker for matching the vocal talent of his younger brother and part-time rival, Liam Gallagher.

First things first, Hawkins reminded the viewers that a much-anticipated Oasis reunion was possibly in the works since Liam had recently hinted through a tweet that it was happening. However, the former frontman had also harshly criticized his older brother in another tweet, but against all the odds, it seemed the duo was ready to work together again. So, with this excellent news, Justin had an offer.

Hawkins’ offer for Oasis followed:

“Okay, well, that’s [Oasis’ possible reunion] really exciting. Oh my god! So to, Noel and Liam, if you do need an additional guitar player, just hit me up, all right? I pick things up really easy, and I know all the old stuff. So, let’s do it… oh God, that would be awesome, actually. Yeah, hit me up.”

The singer then moved on to Gallagher’s latest track, often pausing the video to compliment its ‘brilliant arrangements,’ genuine lyrics, and Noel’s impressive vocals. Justin even pointed out how he used to wish Liam sang some of Noel’s solo songs since they would make great Oasis songs, but there was no need for the younger Gallagher in this one since Noel nailed the vocals.

The Darkness frontman’s appreciative words on Gallagher’s new song:

“Oh God, this is really good, isn’t it? Arrangement-wise, it’s got [what] people get wrong a lot of the time… that sort of Scott Walker vibe. His voice is really good in this; sometimes, it can be a little bit… sometimes you do listen to Noel Gallagher’s stuff, and you really wish it was Liam singing it because you can really imagine those just being brilliant Oasis songs… but he’s doing a great job on this one.”

It’s evident that the song left Hawkins fascinated, and the fact that an upcoming Oasis reunion was in the store with a strong possibility; it was time to celebrate for the Darkness singer. He even made a modest offer to the brothers, half joking and half not, although only time will tell whether the Gallaghers will take up on Justin’s wish to play guitar with them. (Probably, not.)