‘Stranger Things’ Star Says He Got No Royalties From Metallica For Making ‘Master Of Puppets’ Popular Again

‘Stranger Things’ actor Joseph Quinn stated that he didn’t get anything from Metallica after the ‘Master of Puppets’ scene during his recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Quinn recalled the shooting process of the scene by expressing his feelings at that time.

Metallica dropped their third studio album ‘Master of Puppets,’ on March 3, 1986. It was unforgettable for everyone because of being their late bassist Cliff Burton’s last record before his tragic death. It produced several hits, and even though the self-titled track from the record is still famous among Metallica fans and other metalheads, its appearance on ‘Stranger Things’ changed everything for the song.

The track became one of the most streamed songs on various platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and others. Also, it entered the US Billboard Hot 100, and most people post it on their social media accounts with Eddie Munson’s scene in the season finale. Quinn’s character Munson decided to perform a metal show in Upside Down alternate universe. The shredding part for the scene belonged to Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo’s son and OTTTO member Tye Trujillo. 

Following its mainstream success and positive comments, Metallica members shared a statement on their Instagram. They revealed that they were blown away by the part by highlighting that they were proud to be part of Eddie’s journey. Moreover, Joseph Quinn drew attention to the success of ‘Master of Puppets’ on the charts by making a joke about not getting any royalty from the band.

Here’s what Fallon asked:

“You’re doing ‘Master of Puppets’ by Metallica, and it was just the greatest thing. Do you know that the song is nearly 40 years old and because of you, it became the number one song in the country?”

Quinn replied:

“Yeah, I get no royalties, though. It’s awesome.”

Then, Jimmy Fallon wanted to know his feelings about playing a character performing the iconic Metallica song. The actor described the experience as nerve-racking, considering the band’s influence on people worldwide. However, Quinn added that it was a great feeling to perform a concert like a rock star during the pandemic when the lockdowns canceled all of them.

Fallon added:

“Metallica they’re like the most legendary band of all time. Do you get nervous going like ‘I’m going to do ‘Master of Puppets””

In Quinn’s words, he said:

It was kind of nerve-racking, but it was a weird point in the pandemic where no one had seen any live music for ages. It was Gaten and me. You have had Gaten on. He’s the best. It was so fun. I was nervous, but it was like a rock concert. I got a feel like a rock star for one night, and that was great.”

You can check out the interview below.